One of my favorite sayings is “What you focus on will grow.”  I’m not exactly sure who to attribute this quote but it could be truer.

I think it goes without saying that we must invest in ourselves. Yet I meet an increasing amount of entrepreneurs who know better but don’t do better. This results in you focusing on your inadequacies.  If you don’t fix it, you start trying to fake it and your pride gets in the way until you can’t fake the funk and you fade away.

This isn’t the outcome I want for you, or you want for yourself. So here is the simple, albeit not easy, answer: Develop a growth mindset.

We aren’t who we need to be yet.  Every high achiever knows this. We are lifetime learners. The progression never stops.

Having a growth mindset is the cornerstone of success because it quashes our limiting beliefs.

We all have them.

The mind is an incredibly powerful essence. Think of the placebo effect. People can literally make themselves sick or well based on how strongly they believe something.  I cannot stress enough that we must recognize the power of our mind.

What we focus on will grow! This means, when we believe something is not going to work out,  even on an unconscious level, we are sabotaging our potential right out the gate. We will not give 110% to something we don’t think will work.

We are too often a people who must see before we believe. But I want to encourage you to become a person who believes in order to see. Focus on the result you want and put the full weight of your potential behind it to make it happen. Push yourself daily to become the person you need to be to make that vision a reality.  

Do you need to increase your skill? Do it. Do you need to hire a professional? Do it. Do you need to let go of other, less important tasks? Do it. Greater action will give you greater results. Don’t wait.

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