If you have done any research at all, even a teensy, weensy, little bit of research then you would already know that your brand goes far past your logo, your website, and your color scheme.

All those pieces matter and have their place, however, ultimately, you want your brand to speak to your customer.  So here’s the scoop on what you want in your brand, even if you didn’t know you wanted it.


Have you ever gone to a fair, farmers market or festival and walked past countless businesses that all look the same?  You can’t tell one from the next and if you pass one, you are almost certain you will run into another.  You don’t want to be that business.  It’s nearly impossible to build a loyal following because no one actually knows you exist.  They can’t remember your name, your face, or your product. There was nothing in their experience with you that made you stand out. Creating a strong identity combines the visual aspects of your business with the overall experience and ties it directly into the product or service you offer, giving your customer a memorable message inviting them back for more. You want a unique identity that increases awareness, shapes opinion, drive preferences, and create loyalty in order to stay in business for the long haul.

Value Driven

You may be asking…what does that even mean?! Our brand shows the world on the outside what we believe on the inside. In a world where you are likely a solopreneur, you must embody the values you want your brand to stand for. What you sell, who you work with, the quality or positioning of your products and services all reflect your values.  Sometimes these items are not in alignment. It is your responsibility to not only align your practices with your values but to also show on the outside what you value on the inside.


In the ever-changing landscape called consumerism, your “why” is pretty important.  The most successful companies that have risen have resulted in communicating a strong WHY. In a world full of options, your ability to express why you do what you do is often the difference between you and your competitors. Start with Why. Then tell how. Finally, tell what.

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