How to be Successful: Focus on your own Sh*t

By Gabriella Wesley If you’re a modern-day millennial like myself, you probably spend tons of time on social media! Double tapping, exploring, comparing, and stalking your ex due to the new updated features. (Followed by THATCHIC2000, GUCCIMANE1017, +12 others) You catch my drift right? After realizing how much time you’ve wasted comparing and contrasting the […]

Getting Closer to Your Goals

Only 8% of people accomplish their goals. This number is low. Like…really low.  But why do you think that is? Do you fall into the 92% of non-goal accomplishers? Or worse, the 80% of us who NEVER SET ANY GOALS? For most of you reading this, the answer is clearly yes.  And if you are […]

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