Be Recognizable: 3 Tips To Help You Build A Brand You’re Proud Of

Building a recognizable brand that commands the respect you want to be associated with your name and your business takes time and strategic thinking.  Although most new entrepreneurs (and many experienced ones that haven’t invested in understanding how important this is) think of their brand is their logo and maybe their color scheme. Really your […]

How to be Successful: Focus on your own Sh*t

By Gabriella Wesley If you’re a modern-day millennial like myself, you probably spend tons of time on social media! Double tapping, exploring, comparing, and stalking your ex due to the new updated features. (Followed by THATCHIC2000, GUCCIMANE1017, +12 others) You catch my drift right? After realizing how much time you’ve wasted comparing and contrasting the […]

5 Ways to Revive your Dead Brand

I’m going to cut straight to the chase.  Your brand has no life. It isn’t telling your customer anything. It isn’t delivering on any promises. It certainly isn’t standing out from the crowd. I’ve been there. So everything else I say is said in love. Many confuse Marketing and Branding, but in short, your brand […]

If You Build It Will They Come?

There is a wildly popular saying, If you build it, they will come.  At this point, many may not even know where the phrase originated from.  So, let me start by helping you out there.  This phrase came from the movie Field of Dreams and was referencing a baseball field for dead players to come […]

I’m Not Here to Motivate You

One of my biggest pet peeves is needy ass adults who crave motivation. UGH. Like seriously, I’m not here to motivate you. Let me break this down a bit. What do you really want The world we live in today doesn’t value hard work and certainly doesn’t value the process or the journey towards completing […]

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