Power struggle

The idea of Black Power has resurged and been trending for several years now in the wake of such events like the murder of young Trayvon Martin and the release of documentaries like Hidden Colors.

I see the indignation. I see the anger. I see the push for self-care and healing. I see the return to ancient forms of spirituality. I see the desire to reclaim what has been taken. I see the hashtags and the bold statements.  I see a lot. But I don’t see the power.

First, maybe I should explain what I mean by Power. Ultimately, Power is your ability to shape and control your life. And, in many cases, the ability to control the lives of others.

Power scares most of us. We usually only take what we think we’re worth.

Power scares most of us. We usually only take what we think we’re worth. We often only exert it over those we believe we can. I see this as one of the primary reasons why we fight against ourselves in the Black community.  We hold our harshest criticism and disdain for one another long before we even attempt to turn it on those who have actually oppressed us.

We give away our time, tools and talent without considering the perpetual and evergreen value they bring. We are talking a good game on the outside, but on the inside, what are we communicating to ourselves? I ask this question both on an individual basis and on a group basis. What are you telling yourself about yourself? What message are you feeding your children about themselves?

Our power comes from the story we tell ourselves about our worth, what we deserve and what belongs to us. If we tell ourselves that our Blackness automatically gives us a disadvantage in the world of business, whether it’s true or not, we lose the determination and the drive to find the solutions and succeed. We will live in a perpetual place of indignation, frustration, and anger and miss out on the opportunities that are set before us, and those we can build ourselves. We literally miss the value of Self-Determination.

My challenge to you is to think on the inner messaging you are communicating to yourself. Can you afford to give yourself a power boost?

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