Only 8% of people accomplish their goals. This number is low. Like…really low.  But why do you think that is? Do you fall into the 92% of non-goal accomplishers? Or worse, the 80% of us who NEVER SET ANY GOALS? For most of you reading this, the answer is clearly yes.  And if you are the entrepreneur I think you are, you know this is painfully unacceptable. Each day you should be getting closer to your stated goals.

We could talk about setting SMART goals and so on and so forth, but I want to dig a little deeper into the your daily actions and habits that either support or hinder your ability to reach tangible goals.


Goal Alignment is the first thing you want to assess in your ability to reach goals.  Do your goals for the day or month align with the longer-term goals you’ve set for the year? Or are they kind of haphazardly selected.  When your goals are in alignment you can more easily deter non-useful distractions or defer useful suggestions and opportunities that come your way. On the flip side, when they aren’t aligned, you may find yourself chasing every new shiny object that passes your way only to look up and realize another year has passed you by and you haven’t really moved the needle forward in the life you envision.

So before going any further, STEP 1 is to block out a time in your calendar to focus on aligning your short and long term goals.


Stop multi-tasking!  I can’t stress this enough. We have been DUPED! We all know someone who swears by their ability to multi task.  I used to be one of them.  I even had it on my resume at one point…embarrassing, I know! There are now numerous studies that show our inability to successfully multitask.  I purposely put the word successfully in there because, sure, you CAN multitask, but you can’t do it efficiently. Not only has multitasking shown a link to elevated stress levels, it also links to lower quality of work and an overall slower output.  Stopping this harmful habit can be more difficult than it sounds. Even I still struggle at times being a homeschooling mother who owns multiple businesses. Some days it GETS REAL! But stick with breaking this habit and you will see your results increase substantially.

If you are lacking an accountability system, it is likely you are not reaching your goals. 


This means actually having written goals, milestones (for larger goals) and some form of a feedback loop to keep you, or get you back on track. The idea of accountability and tracking both goals and the milestones it takes to get there is a large driver behind the rise of the coaching industry. When you seriously want to commit to your success, you will invest the time to not only track your goals but to find the right people to help you reach them. No one made it on their own!


Your daily activity should reflect your goals.  Remember that alignment piece? So, each day, at least 80% of your To Do list should be reserved and focused on tasks and milestones that bring your closer towards those long term goals you set. This may mean you need to utilize the 3 D’s.  You know, Deleting, Deferring or Delegating tasks that don’t fit your objectives. Creating a productivity journal or tracking your daily activity can help you see what you are doing that is enhancing or hindering your goal succession rate.  Evaluate this tool each day or week to make immediate adjustments in your day to day activities.

With some immediate shifts in your mindset and your habits, you too, can join the club of goal achievers.  Welcome to the fold!

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