About US

It is our mission to grow Black owned businesses through education, mentorship, investment, community and need.

Our Objective is to:

  •  Support the creation and development, mentorship, and investment of Black businesses.
  • Create a change in values within the Black community that encourages individuals, families and communities to:
    • Have excellent businesses for our customers/be excellent customers to our businesses
    • Increase spending inside our communities from 2% to 10% by 2022.
    • Exercise educated and sound decisions with regards to our personal finances
  • Create and support programs that increase employment capabilities for small businesses to begin hiring within the Black community by 2022.


BBI Professional Values:

  • Cooperative Economics
  • Sound Financial Principles
  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Community Engagement
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Excellent Customer Service

Click here for more information on the BBI philosophy.

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