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It is our mission to grow Black-owned businesses through education, mentorship, investment, community, and need.

We build on 4 pillars:

Business Acumen





Welcome to the place to be for Black Entrepreneurship. You are in the right place if you struggle with:

Weak profits

Small networks

Accessing capital

No mentorship

The Black Business Initiative is an economic movement designed to provide you with business training and development, mentorship, networking and resources to help you gain access to capital and technical services.

With 2 membership options, there is a place here for your Black Business.

We are committed to growing a stronger business presence. See what people say!

Meet the CEO

Mother, activist, entrepreneur, wealth builder, investor, blogger, speaker, coach, and community member.

Jice Johnson

Founder and CEO

Highlights you may care about:

  • From Oakland, CA

  • U.S. Army Veteran

  • B.S. Business Management

  • M.S. Management & Leadership

  • Serial Entrepreneur

Highlights I care about:

Mother, activist, entrepreneur, wealth builder, investor, blogger, speaker, facilitator, coach, homeschooler and community member.


Our programs are designed to help you start your business, increase your profits, grow your networks, access the capital you need to scale your business and gain valuable mentorship.

Online workshops coming soon.

Ignite your Biz Startup Bootcamp

A free 4-week startup bootcamp that focuses on foundational business concepts. This camp is only offered 3 times a year.

MentorMe (Coming Soon)

12 Fundamentals

In the words of Bruce Lee, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” This monthly workshop dives into the business fundamentals that help ensure you your business success.

Scale Up

This 10-month Loan-Readiness Program provides high-touch coaching, training, and technical support to help you access business capital in 10 months.

Get it Done (Coming Soon)

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12 Fundamentals that ensure your business success

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